New, used, high mileage vehicles, we’ve got you covered. New car coverage, just like coverage found at most dealers, to high mileage powertrain, we cover the entire lifecycle of your vehicle.

ENGINE PLATINUM 0 - 100,000 MILES GOLD 100,001 - 150,000 MILES SILVER 150,001 and above
Engine block X X X
Cylinder Heads X X X
Pistons X X X
Piston Pins X X X
Piston Rings X X X
Crankshaft X X X
Distributor X X
Connecting Rods X X X
Rod bearings X X X
Camshaft X X X
Camshaft Bearings X X X
Lifters X X X
Oil Pump X X X
Rocker Arms X X X
Push Rods X X X
Timing Belt X X X
Timing Chain X X X
Timing Gears X X X
Engine Valves X X X
Vacuum Pump X X
Water pump X X X
Vanos Units X
Mass Air Flow Sensor X
Throttle Position Sensor X
Knock Sensor X
Fluids X X
Seals & Gaskets X X
Transmission Case X X X
Planetaries X X X
Torque Converter X X X
Bearings X X X
Internal Lubricated Parts X X X
Shift Solenoids X
Shifter Assembly X
Seals and Gaskets X X
Fluids X X
Internal Lubricated Parts X X X
Encoder Motor X
Seals & Gaskets X X
Fluids X X
Internal Parts X X
Waste Gate Valve X
Housing X X
CV Shafts X X
Axle Shafts X X
Ring & Pinion X X
Internal Parts X X
Differential Cover X X
U Joints X
Carrier Bearing X
Driveshaft X
Fluid X X X
Power Steering Pump X X
Rack & Pinion X X
Steering Box X X
Steering Shafts X X
Internal Lubricated Parts X X
Pitman Arm X
Drag Link X
Tie Rod Ends X
Internal Lubricated Parts X X
Fluid X X
Alternator X X
Starter X X
Front , Rear Wiper Motors X X
Cooling Fan Motor X X
Voltage Regulator X X
Ignition Module X X
Ignition Switch X
Ignition Coil X X
Starter Solenoid X X
Wiring Harness X X
Power Window Switches X X
Cruise Control Module X X
Power Window Motors X X
Power Seat Motors X X
Power Mirror Motors X X
Door lock Actuator X X
Door Lock Switch X X
Power Sunroof Motor X X
Mileage Computer X X
Instrument Cluster X X
Automatic Climate Control X X
Electronic Control Module X X
Headlight Switch X X
Multifunction Switch X
Horn X X
Convertible Top Motor X X
Clock X X
Radio X
Compact Disc Player X
Amplifier X
Backup Sensor X
Condenser X X
Compressor X X
Clutch & Pulley X X
A/C Lines and Hoses X X
Idler Pulley X X
Cut Off Switches X X
Expansion Valve X X
Cycling Switch X X
Evaporator Core X
Evaporator Case X
Orfice Tube X
Blend Door Actuators X
Control Arms (Front & Rear) X X
Control Arm Shafts X X
Stabilizer Bar X X
Stabilizer Links & Bushings X X
Spindles X X
Torsion Bars X X
Height Sensor X X
Struts X
Strut Mounts X
Ball Joints X
Hub Bearings X
Blend Door Actuators X
Thermostat X X
Thermostat Housing X
Mixture Control Valve X X
Radiator X
Overflow Resorvoir X X
Fan Clutch X
Coolant Sensor X
Fluids X X
Fuel Pump X X
Pressure Regulator X X
Metering Valve X X
Fuel Injectors X X
Metal Fuel Lines X X
Fuel Tank X X
Fuel Sender X X
Pressure Sensor X
Injection Pump X
Master Cylinder X X
Wheel Cylinders X X
Brake Calipers X X
Vacuum Booster X X
Lines and Fittings X X
Modulator Valve X X
Isolation Dump Valve X X
Wheel Speed Sensors X X
Compensating Valve X
Hydraulic Control Unit X
ABS Computer Module X
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